Global Race Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS [GRAPH] not for profit and internationally based nongovernmental Organization, incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission {C.A.C} in Abuja Federal Capital Territory FCT Nigeria,and accorded a Special Consultative Status 2013 by United Nations Economic and Social Councils ECOSOC.

GRAPH carries out its activities with the help of relevant institutions and organizations at the national state and local government levels under the supervision of tested professional and staff to implement its programmes. Our Programmes and activities cover the vulnerable groups of people in developing countries, where poverty and HIV/AIDS have assumed devastating dimensions.

In achieving our set goals GRAPH liaises and collaborates with international and local organizations to mobilized human and material resources to promote the social and economic welfare of the people, and improving their general standard living.


To race against adverse and practices in the society through improving the moral, social and economic condition of people.


GRAPH is an internationally based non governmental organization that is set to promote Value Re-orientation, Wealth Creation, Disease prevention and Control amongst the vulnerable nations through multidimensional approaches.

In the same vein, GRAPH is focusing, 3 points Agenda to address the following problems in developing nations.

  1. Corruption generated poverty at the Institutional and domestic level.
  2. Promotion of reproductive Health care services/HIV-AIDS diseases.
  3. Wealth creation-Employment generation.

In our bide to achieve our set Objectives, GRAPH will embark and develop partnership with National poverty Eradication programme, (NAPEP) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS), including International Organizations namely: USAID GAIN, UNICEF, WHO DFID, UNDP, etc. to formulate development polices that would generate greater social programme for the beneficiaries. At the same vein we will embark on programmes that will effectively and collectively address the Core areas of our interventions, considering the increasing abject poverty, Health and Social related challenges in Developing Nations, GRAPH will partner with ECOWAS and all offices in Abuja Nigeria, to intervene in the urban and rural communities across the continents.


  1. To promote social and economic potentialities of the vulnerable population through fighting corruption and other related offences.
  2. To promote specific programme that will helps to boost the implementation of poverty reduction strategic of government agencies and relevant bodies and institutions across the continents.
  3. To collaborate with relevant N.G.Os’ and institutions to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of the targeted populations.
  4. To reduce the spread of STOS, HIV and AIDS diseases.
  5. To reduce the prevailing anti-social behaviours among the vulnerable population, violent, drug abuse, Crime & Criminalities.
  6. To fight the spreading level of corruption at the institutional & domestic levels. To mention but a few.


GRAPH will ensure:

  1. Effective skill acquisition and credit promotion of entrepreneurs through income generation activities productive education and pandemic through spreading preventive education of provision of care – support programmes, and items.
  2. Mobilize of national and international support against corruption and other related social ills in the society.
  3. Improve the standard of living of the vulnerable populations in developing countries.
  4. Increase the productivity of the rural and urban poor.
  5. Promotion of employment and sustainable lively hood.
  6. Trough cost effective demand-drive and promptly delivery programmes.
  7. Provision of reproductive health care-service to vulnerable populations.
  8. The availability of care services, to infect and the affected population’s of HIV/AIDS persons through involvement of human and material.


  1. Worship, conference, Rallies creative and Entertainment
  2. Development of information materials
  3. Indoor Advocacy programme
  4. Support care treatment
  5. Provision of food supplements of


  1. President
  2. Lead Director
  3. General Secretary
  4. Director of Programme
  5. Director of Mobilization
  6. Director of Education
  7. Director of productive Health Services
  8. Director of Finance and Administration
  9. Director of Economic Empowerment & Livelihoods
  10. Director of Research & Planning
  11. Director of Legal Services
  12. 72 field staff


National and international NGD’S such as:

  1. WHO
  2. USAID
  4. NEPAD
  5. NACA
  6. Ministry of Health
  7. Ministry of Education
  8. Ministry of Women and Social Development
  9. Ministry Youths
  10. M.D.G’s Office
  11. ICPC and EFCC
  12. ECOWAS States
  13. States and Local Govt.
  14. Family Health International
  15. Peace Corps of Nigeria
  17. The Hunger Project (USA)
  18. UNDP
  19. DFID

Just to mention but few:


GRAPH: will embark on the following activities to ensure the reduction of poverty at the global level.

  1. Capacity acquisitions programmes
  2. Rural water programms
  3. Agricultural empowerment initiatives
  4. Micro financing
  5. Micro economic
  6. Empowerment drive-initiative
  7. Rural transport programme
  8. Wealth creation activities


  1. Awareness creation programme such as, seminars, workshops and production of information materials such bas books, film, songs and Entertainment, hand bills. Etc.
  2. Impact mitigation programme, such as, care support, and Advocacy programmes, and peer educational activities
  3. Reproductive Health care services
  4. Provision of medical consumables such as, drugs and food supplements
  5. HIV/AIDS testing programme
  6. Capacity acquisition programme on health rights of Targeted population.


Block M, suite 5, Powa Plaza, Nyanya-Abuja FCT.

Website: www.graphng.org,

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Tel; +2348030652562, +2348023057284

A Project of GRAPH Nigeria Inc.

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