Global Race Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS [GRAPH] not for profit and internationally based nongovernmental Organization, incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission {C.A.C} in Abuja Federal Capital Territory FCT Nigeria,and accorded a Special Consultative Status 2013 by United Nations Economic and Social Councils ECOSOC.

GRAPH carries out its activities with the help of relevant institutions and organizations at the national state and local government levels under the supervision of tested professional and staff to implement its programmes. Our Programmes and activities cover the vulnerable groups of people in developing countries, where poverty and HIV/AIDS have assumed devastating dimensions.

In achieving our set goals GRAPH liaises and collaborates with international and local organizations to mobilized human and material resources to promote the social and economic welfare of the people, and improving their general standard living.


To race against adverse and practices in the society through improving the moral, social and economic condition of people.


GRAPH is an internationally based non governmental organization that is set to promote Value Re-orientation, Wealth Creation, Disease prevention and Control amongst the vulnerable nations through multidimensional approaches.

In the same vein, GRAPH is focusing, 3 points Agenda to address the following problems in developing nations. Read more

Her Distinguished SENATOR, Dr. Grace F.Bent [con] of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, During the inauguration and Commissioning of The GRAPH Nigeria Coaching Academy also known as Urban/Rural Entrepreneurial Development Institute in Abuja F.C.T, on the 10th March, 2014.


GRAPH being an Organization established to engage in school Youth and other vulnerable population in HIV prevention and other development intervention is already doing some activities in that direction. We have gained skills, knowledge and experience over the year’s conducting programmes and working with our target population sin Nigeria.

Presently, we are implementing Business Training Leadership Skill Acquisition, Named the GRAPH Nigeria Coaching Academy. This focuses on capacity building for beneficiary-institution seeking to improve on the capacity of his potentials/workforce. As it is common with development countries Nigeria structural, unemployment in Nigeria is characterized by a life skills deficit and inadequate training infrastructure.

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